How To Tape Drywall

Taping drywall is a essential part of creating seamless walls that you intend to paint or paper. You do not want a ugly seam, or uneven patches showing up through the paint, creating a eyesore. You will need to get a bucket of joint compound, which has been thinned out a bit with a dab of water, so that it applies smoothly to the wall butts and recessed joints needing to be taped. You will need a mixer to stir the bucket really well, and after it is mixed to the proper consistency, you will then tape the Wall Butts first, the recessed joints second, and do the details last.

Pace a scoop of joint compound into your pan, and pick up a six inch drywall knife, and spread some compound in a four to six inch wide even layer onto you butts, joints, and details, any spots left without a coating of joint compound will be a big issue down the road. Next you will apply your drywall tape securely to the joint compounded areas, and make sure the tape is centered and is adhered well. There is a crease running along the middle of the drywall tape, and you need to make sure the crease goes downward towards the sheet rock.

Once your tape is securely in place, pick up a eight inch drywall knife and wipe away the excess joint compound. You start to wipe in the middle, and wipe downwards, then go off to the sides, and then from the middle upwards.

After the tape is secured, you will want to insist that the joint compound will squeeze out from between the edges of the tape, any area of drywall tape that do not squeeze out will create air pockets in the joint compound, if the joint compound does not squish out, then you can peel back the drywall tape a bit, and add in some more joint compound, and try the technique again, to ensure there are no air pockets.

Once all of the butts and recessed joints are taped, it is time to do the angles, lay out a nice bed of your joint compound and apply the tape just like before, run your finger down the crease of the tape in the middle, creating a piece of tape that is folded in half. You will place this folded tap into the angle, and use you knife to pull down tightly on the tape so the angles are clean and no air is inside the joint compound this creates nice clean angles that have no air gaps.