How to utilize bathroom space efficiently

Most homeowners would like to know the steps to take to utilize the available bathroom space efficiently. As the sizes of property keep getting smaller better utilization of space is key. You can still own your dream home through proper design that makes use of available space within the home effectively. This will allow you to live a comfortable modern life. The following are a few ideas that will help you make proper use of the available bathroom space.
• Use the vertical Spacetoilet-shelf-storage-bathroom-
The vertical space in the bathroom is most of the times ignored when doing a bathroom remodel redesign. The vacant vertical space can be used effectively for storage. Consider installing shelving on the conspicuous space above the door. Use the new shelving to hold toilet paper and cleaning tools to liberate more space towards the floor and under the sink area.
• Large Format Tiles
The large format tiles make the bathroom space look and feel elongated. On the other hand, busy tile patterns not only detract the bathrooms focal points but also make a small bathroom a bit more cramped than it already is. Installing simple large format tiles will make the floor look smooth and uniform instead of looking cluttered. The resale value of your home will be increase when you use this simple design technique.
• Reduce Floor Space Congestion
To get maximum floor space area for free movement consider relocating things such as bathroom scales to the bedroom where they can still play an important function. Use the space below the sink to house trash cans and cleaning tools to increase the available floor space much further. According to MintyMaids, this will ease the movementframeless-shower-enclosure-in-glass within the bathroom space making it simple for you to walk in and out of the shower and prepare for work every morning.


• Use a Glass Enclosure
Instead, of a shower curtain, go for transparent glass enclosures that do not visually separate the shower and tub from the main area. The glass enclosure separates the wet and dry areas while creating an illusion of space. In fact, you can create some sort of privacy using frosted pattern on glass enclosures without separating the space visually.
For most current family homes the normal bathroom space can feel tremendously small. You can enhance the bathroom space through simple design techniques that increase functionality and aesthetic value.