Low-cost and Fun Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

A complete kitchen remodel cost a lot of money. However, did you know that simple modifications can transform your old kitchen? According to this Chicago Illinois cleaning services the following are some of the simple ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.
• New Cabinetry HardwareKitchen-Cabinet-Hardware
The simplest and fastest kitchen update is to install new cabinet hardware. Replacing worn out pulls and handles for cabinets and drawers is a simple DIY task. Go for colorful alternatives such as brushed nickel finish.
• Cabinetry Painting
Giving the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint is a simple and affordable way of freshening up the kitchen look if a complete remodel is not possible. You match or contrast the walls and countertops with the cabinetry to brighten up the kitchen.
• Ditch cabinet doors.
Installing glass-paneled cabinet doors as a replacement for the current doors appears like a major update. If you do not wish to display the shelves then choose frosted glass.
You could also ditch the cabinet door entirely for open shelving. It creates an open and airy space for you to display some of your magnificent collection cutlery and dishes arousing interest.
• Add an Accent Wall
If you find painting the cabinets a long and tedious process then adding an accent wall is the quickest alternative. The accent wall should be painted at least two shades deeper than rest of the room.
• Hang Pendant lightpendants-above-the-kitchen-island
Hanging beautiful pendant lighting over your kitchen is an elegant way to update the outdated light fixtures in your kitchen. Lighting is significant since it can magically transform the whole space.
• Accessorize with small appliances
Certain colors might appear to be too bold for big appliances such as having a red fridge. However for smaller appliances such as a toaster or mixer, you can go as wild as you wish with colors like red or orange. They could act as decoration for your kitchen.
• New Window treatments.
New curtains and drapes can transform a space. However, you must select carefully the select the kind of window treatment you hang close to the sink due to the damage from splashing. Choose the one you can simply pull up whenever you do dishes such as a roman shade.
• Kitchen sinks rug
Since you will be standing a lot near the sink placing a kitchen sink rug will make your feet feel extra comfortable while adding a splash of color. The best option is the indoor/outdoor kitchen rug which is durable and easy to clean in case of any spills.
• Tile backsplash.Cool-Kitchen-Tile-Backsplash-Ideas
Adding a tile backsplash is simple and affordable since the backsplash covers a small area in terms of square feet. If you can’t afford tiles at the moment then high gloss paint will do since it moisture-resistant and easy to clean.
• Countertop Replacement
Replacing the countertop is not as expensive as you would imagine. Laminate is an affordable option and there is a variety of options that resemble natural stone.